Wedding Cakes

I will post my newest additions at the front of this page.

This was for a bride that used to work with my husband

This wedding cake was actually cheese cake.  The hero emblems are done with candy clay.

This one was a fun one because there were things on this cake
I had not done before on a wedding cake. The gold leaf around the bottom
was one of those things.  It looked beautiful when finished.

I was honored to do this cake because it was for a very special lady.
My daughter's sister-in-law wanted this cake but she lived in Washington.
I baked the cakes then transported them up to WA. to decorate up there.
The security at the airport was very curious about my carry on being cake.
What a fun adventure it was and I'm so glad I did it.

I was fortunate to decorate the cake and then the
florist took over for the finishing touches.
Isn't it beautiful?

This was the wedding cake for a dear, dear friend.

The summer of 2013 brought a lot of fun.  Four wedding cakes in 2 months.
How fun is that.  Here they are for your enjoyment.

Bride and groom wanted a Yoda coming out the side of the cake.

This wedding cake I did as a display cake for JoAnn's.  I enjoyed working with the pillars for a change.

This was a fun cake to do because of the gum paste daisies.  This is a styrofoam 
cake except for the top tier.  That is real cake.

The bride wanted the side cakes to serve at the reception.  The cookie pops were 
individually bagged and given as a "thank you for sharing in our happiness" favor.

My son had a tall order for his wedding cake.  I was honored to be able to do this.  This is only part of the cake.  There were two side cakes that went with this.

This is another multi-layered cake using the short pillars instead of the long.  I really like how this one turned out.

This cake was done for my niece's wedding.  Fondant gives this cake a very elegant look. The small pearls around the middle of each tier really added the final touch.

Wilton has many different shaped pans for wedding cakes.  This hexagon shaped cake with live flowers really turned out well.  I love this shape.

A friend at church wanted me do this cake for her daughter's wedding.  The bride drew this picture for me and brought me some ribbon the color pink she wanted me to match. It was covered in fondant with buttercream accents. 

This cake was really fun.  The bride didn't want a lot of cake but she wanted a large wedding cake for decoration at the reception.  The solution was styrofoam!  Yes this cake is all styrofoam except for the top tier which was cake.  They had to have one tier cake so they could "cut the wedding cake."  I was also asked to make half sheet cakes to serve as the refreshment.  I thought this was a great idea. 

This is also styrofoam for three of the four tiers.  I decided that I needed to have the styrofoam in many shapes so I could do more of these cakes.  I now have styrofoam in round, square, heart and hexagon shapes.

This wedding cake has styrofoam for the bottom tier.  The hearts are molded chocolate. This turned out to be very simple but very elegant.

This was the first wedding cake I ever did.  I like the look of the cascading cake stands

This is a grooms cake covered with chocolate fondant.  Ooh, the chocolate fondant is terrific.  This groom plays the guitar so the lapel pin is a molded chocolate guitar.