Special Occassion Cakes

New additions to this collection will be added as I make them.

I still LOVE birthdays!

Happy Birthday to a super niece!

A banana birthday cake for a grandson who loves monkeys.  Banana flavored too.

A precious grand-daughter loves pink, purple and teddy bears. Grandma put this 

Thank you to friends that ask for a birthday surprise for her twin grand-daughters.
Tennis is their favorite sport!

Halloween makes for some fun desserts

My wonderful husband shares his birthday with our grandson Ethan.
This year we were all together and this was the birthday cake!
Power Rangers---how fun

Lydia's birthday cakes.  Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FUN!!!!

Happy Birthday to a darling 1 year old

Superman is one of my favorite super heros!

I LOVE birthdays!
Waterfalls are so fun and so beautiful.

Holidays have always been a time for fun decorating. Halloween is a favorite!

I love mermaids and this birthday cake was a big hit!

Happy Birthday to an adorable little girl.

here are the details...




This "Back To the Future" was combination of fondant, candy clay
and chocolate

Another "Happy Birthday" cake. A fun unicorn.

Here is a new addition

I love birthdays.  I get to decorate cakes for birthdays.

Merry Christmas!!!

This is a cake done for a retirement party for a lady that worked for the state of Utah.  

Another birthday cake

Happy Birthday to you!

This birthday cake is the face of a pug dog done for a friend
that works with my husband.

This one was a valentine to my wonderful hubby!!!
Chocolate rum. Yummy!!!!

This topsy turvy cake I did for my niece's 12th birthday party.
It was sure fun to make another one.
I really enjoy making these crazy cakes.  Thanks Hannah!

My nephew decided that for his birthday he wanted a mountain with a road and a 

High school Seminary Choir Reunion.  WOW!

This moving van was my way of saying good-bye to some fun friends as they are moving away.

Display cakes for JoAnn's gave me yet another reason to decorate.
Oh how I LOVE to decorate!

A Valentine birthday was another fun opportunity to decorate a cake which is my love and hobby!

  My brother's birthday came and gave me the chance to make another chocolate rum cake.YUM!!!
Here it is.  We put a sparkler candle in it while singing "Happy Birthday"
It was really cool.  I love the sparkler candles!!!!!!

An EMT student approached me and requested that I decorate a cake that looked like an amputated arm.
This is what I came up with.  It was a fun challenge.

This was done for a 24th of July yard party that our ward had.  It was chocolate rum.  Yum Yum!!!!

Happy Birthday to Relief Society!

Happy Halloween with Dracula's castle.
  This was done for Relief Society witches night out.

This fish cake was made for a bachelor party.  It is chocolate cake with raspberry filling.
A really fun challenge!!!

 Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!!!!

                                 This was for a family reunion where the theme was "the fifties"
                               Each record has a song title done in the 50's and the artists name
                                                                   that performed it.


 Another birthday cake done for my husbands office.

 This cake was my niece's birthday cake.  The towers and door were from a kit and the building itself was cake covered in buttercream frosting.  This cake was a lot of fun.

Another niece wanted a castle birthday cake but wanted it to be a medieval castle.  The towers and door are from the same kit as the other castle cake and the building is a two tier cake covered in hundreds of little balls piped from buttercream frosting.  Again a fun cake to make.

Happy Birthday to me!  My birthday cake was not what it seemed.  Only the bottom two tiers were cake.  The rest of the cake was made from cardboard and covered in buttercream frosting.

I made this cake for my nephew's homecoming party when he returned from his LDS mission to Brazil.  The sheet cake was one cake and the airplane was another, covered in buttercream frosting.  Both my husband and I had to get in touch with our artistic and constructive sides to pull this cake off!

I made this cake for a going away party we threw for a neighbor who was moving out of state.  The street was a white cake covered in buttercream frosting.  The truck was a lemon cake with lemon filling, also covered in buttercream frosting. Lesson learned from doing this cake: Black is not a good color for a lot of frosting, unless you want your guests to walk around with a black mouth!

This cake was made for my first cake decorating class, where I learned how to make all different types of flowers out of royal frosting.  I also learned how to do the basket weave.

I made this cake in a class I took to learn how to make Topsy Turvy cakes.  This cake is covered in fondant with fondant flowers and airbrushed (another technique I learned in this class).

Meet Belle!  This cake was a birthday cake for the daughter of a friend from church.  The dress is cake covered in buttercream frosting.

Wilton has a cake pan for every shape known to man, and I own at least half of them.  Here are just a few of the ones I own...

When I need more cake than the shaped pan will provide, I simply layer the shaped cake onto a sheet cake and VOILA!

Sports balls are always fun for a boy's birthday party!

Baby showers are fun too.  This was for a friend having a little girl.

I needed a tree and didn't have a tree pan.  So I used the hot air balloon pan and got creative.  Below is how I turned a tree into a family tree using pictures I printed of all my family.  This cake was the hit of our family                                                                              reunion!

I made this cake using a very tricky but fun technique called pattern transferring.  I can take any coloring book page and transfer it to a sheet cake to be colored with frosting!

Not only does Wilton make themed shaped pans but they also have basic shapes.  Here are some of the cakes I have made using the different basic shapes I have.

The heart pan was transformed into a flag for a Fourth of July picnic.

One of our dental patients is part owner of "The Pie"
As a thank you for a wonderful pizza, I made this cake.
I copied the picture on the box.

For a dimensional look I like to combine shapes.  Here I used a round cake layered on a square cake.

Your basic half sheet cake spruced up with some pattern transferring.

My husbands work asks me to make a cake each month to celebrate the office birthdays that month.

This was a celebratory cake for the purchase of an investment property.

Because of the pattern transferring technique I was able to personalize the cake for my 35th High School Reunion.  Go Rams!!! Hail Highland High!

More pattern transferring... I think I like doing that!
Another friends birthday

 This was not an easy cake but I am so proud of it!  I transferred the Relief Society emblem to a cake used for the Relief Society birthday party.

Hubby used to be an avid barbershop singer before he converted to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This cake was made to celebrate his chorus wining a competition.

A daughter of a friend at church was graduating and I was asked to make her a graduation cake. This is a square cake with raspberry filling, covered in buttercream frosting.  The image was computer clip art that I used for a pattern transfer.
The hat was made by using a Wilton shaped pan.

I made this cake for my son's friend, when he received his mission call to South Africa.  I did a pattern transfer for the flag.  For the map I downloaded a map off the Internet and laminated it.  I attached it to the cake with frosting.

This cake was made for a friend in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  He wanted to surprise his wife with a special 34th wedding anniversary cake.  The key is a sugar cookie, the lock is a heart cake and part of a horse shoe pan.