This was my birthday cake this year.
A banana cream trifle.
WOW!  It was to die for good!
Definitely making this again.

My mother's 95th birthday party gave me the opportunity
to make 400 eclairs again.  I had soooooo much fun
I can't wait to make them again.
No pictures because they looked just the ones in the following picture.

I love to make eclairs.  I think they are so beautiful and elegant.

Cream puffs are also a decadent dessert.

On the main page of this blog I mention my husband's work waiting for the annual Danish Pastry ring.  Well this is what it looks like.  
This can be made with any filling but our favorite is a pudding type cream with an almond and oat filling.

Cinnamon rolls right out of the oven! What a treat. 

Pies for any occasion in just about any flavor.  I would list them all but then this blog would get to long.

We can't forget the cookies.  This picture is of a party I catered and I made over 400 cookies in 8 different kinds.  I had a blast!  Chocolate chip are my favorite but the "Hello Dolly" cookies are scrumptious also.

If your kids are like mine were, birthday cakes were not happening in our house.  Not if they could talk me into a huge chocolate chip cookie from Mrs. Field's in the mall.  Well we couldn't afford those wonderful cookies so I bought a pan and made my own.  The kids loved them and I didn't go broke. 
I make round ones, heart shaped ones, square ones and rectangle ones.
 You name it I do it.