Cookie Bouquets

When I first saw a cookie bouquet I knew that they were something I wanted to do.  I took a class to learn exactly how to do them and then I went about practicing to perfect them.  One of my tasters was the carpenter that was finishing our basement.  Almost everyday I would have him taste some cookie dough or the baked cookie and tell me what he thought.  Since then he calls me "the cookie lady."  Other tasters have been friends and family that at times ate more than they wanted in sugar cookies.  Thanks to all of them, I now have a product I am not embarrassed to make.  These have been fun gifts at baby showers, bridal showers,  holiday parties and more.  My obsession with this has ended up with owning over 500 cookie cutters.  I can put together just about anything I want. 

Get well, Happy birthday, baptism, pioneer day, house warming welcome, occupation, sports, wedding, flowers, travel, shopping and best of all holidays.  All of these and more are possibilities in cookies.  I have so much fun with these.
  Here are some examples and more will be added as they are done.

Birthdays are super fun. This one was for a grandpa turning 90.
These were to remember things about him.
He was a DELTA pilot, he was a bishop, he loves to read and loved to go camping. 

I LOVE missionary farewells

Smiles are fun during a pandemic.

Happy Birthday to Zander (a grandson)!  He is nine already.
My how times flies.

"Let It Snow"  I love the snow.  These cookies have sparkles on them so they twinkle.

These were done for the primary for an after the sacrament meeting program treat.

How fun is this toolbox? I did this for a good friend.

Summer fun with my family brought about these cookies!

A dear friend had her daughter's wedding lunch in my backyard.  I wanted
to do something different and special so I made each guest
a cookie like this one and placed it at the place at the table.

Not all cookies have to put in a container as a bouquet.  These were done for friends for Valentine's.

These were done for a retirement party.  She worked for the state of Utah.

Not all my cookies are put into bouquets.  These were for my halloween dinner.
The pumpkins, I used as napkin holders.

Eagle Scouts are wonderful!

More bouquets!  So much fun.

Not all cookies need to be in a bouquet.  Announcing the sex of the baby with a onesie cookie with a colored layer of frosting under the white decoration.

An anniversary is always a great time to send cookies.  The words of love expressed on a cookie will always bring a smile.

I LOVE to do baby shower bouquets!!!!

These cookies never got into a bouquet.  They were eaten first.

This is a pretty big because it has 10 cookies instead of 7.

Holidays are a perfect time for these fun bouquets.  I did this for a teacher for Halloween.  I also did a darling one for Christmas but as I have said before, I have not been real good with taking pictures so I don't have one of Christmas.  Or Valentines Day. Or Easter.  I will add them as I do them again.

I did this one for my nephew when he got his LDS mission call to Brazil.  It turned out so cute.
The cookies in this are a Book of Morman, a suitcase, a missionary (bear),  an airplane, a white shirt, a Brailian flag, and a name tag.  Other possabilities are available upon request and ideas.