Candy Bouquets

As I mentioned on the page for chocolates,  I love molding chocolates.
  One day a friend asked me if I would make a bunch of roses for her mom and put them in a pot.
This is what I came with and she was thrilled. 

My idea soon became a baby shower gift.
They used it as a decoration for the shower and then the Mommy -to-be took it home. 

Fun flowers for spring said "Thank you! Have a springy day"

This was a fun one to make.
A friend did this as a Valentines gift to her hubby.  Each shape has a different meaning.
The card below is attached and explains which each succor stands for.

Here again these are only a small part of my collection of over 1000 molds.
I did a sports mug for a cheerleader to give to a team player (basketball, football, soccer, etc.)
I did a music mug for a teacher to give her students at a recital.
I did mugs for students to give to their school teachers.
There are endless possibilities.  I just have FUN!